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At Bodegas Veganzones we want to share with you the benefits of wine consumption, since according to numerous studies, making a moderate consumption of one or two glasses of red wine, will improve our health, providing a number of benefits and improving our well-being by its qualities:

  1. A little help to lose weight

A study at the University of Oregon indicates that wine contains a compound that can help burn fat better for overweight people, especially in the liver.

Wine will help prevent the onset of diseases related to obesity, such as liver steatosis, better known as fatty liver. Obviously should be combined with a balanced diet and free of fats.

  1. Enhancer for our brain

Another study reveals that moderate consumption of one or two glasses of wine can reduce by up to 23% the risk of developing memory and Alzheimer's problems.

It resolves inflammations, prevents hardening of the arteries, and also inhibits coagulation thus improving blood circulation.

  1. Treats gum infections

In addition to being a fantastic antioxidant, it has been proven that wine can help in the treatment and prevention of gum disease (periodontal disease), since grape seeds have anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its polyphenols.

  1. Combat tiredness

According to a research carried out in The FASEB Journal, the revesterol present in the grapes helps us to recover in moments in which the work and the day to day have us exhausted.

  1. Increase our endorphins

Endorphins are protein chains that produce our body and are the cause of well-being and happiness. To produce them, we can play sports, stay with friends, dance, but also if we drink wine, we produce endorphins, to a certain extent. In addition, combining wine with some meals will further enhance the taste of food, thus achieving greater pleasure and well-being.

  1. Cleanses our palate

Thanks to the astringent properties of the wine, when we accompany our dishes with a glass of wine, the taste of food is perceived more intensely, another reason to enjoy a good wine with our food.

  1. Good for lowering cholesterol

Of all the polyphenols in red wine, the most important is resveratrol, a chemical rich in antioxidants that improves cardiovascular health.

Resveratrol, present in red wine, would help prevent blood vessel damage, clot formation and "bad" cholesterol reduction.

  1. Excellent for our heart health

Consumption of wine in moderation together with meals, especially red wine, has cardiovascular protective effects for the polyphenols derived from the grapes it contains, with resveratrol being responsible for the reduction of mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Reduce the risk of cancer

According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, drinking a glass of wine a day lowers the risk of getting prostate cancer in 50% of cases.

Red wine is good for preventing colon cancer, lung, prostate, throat and ultimately to prevent all types of cancer, largely due to resveratol present in wine.

  1. Combat urinary tract infections

Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties, red wine could also have effects similar to those of cranberry juice in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

For these reasons, from Bodegas Veganzones we encourage you to make a moderate consumption of quality wines, choosing among our red wines Ribera del Duero 912 de altitud or Viejo Mundo, with which in addition to providing the mentioned benefits, have some qualities and characteristics that make them singular.

来源: Vinetur 2016年 12月 27号

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