cleaning barrels ozone

In Bodegas Veganzones we have introduced ozone for the cleaning of our oak barrels. Its main advantages in terms of cleaning and disinfection would be that it does not leave chemical residues, so complying with food safety regulations and so achieving a reduction of the environmental impact and an improvement in the health of the winery workers.

In view of the increasingly demanding international markets in terms for wine quality and food safety, Bodegas Veganzones has taken a step forward by introducing ozone into our production process, as it is a highly disinfecting gas without chemical residues.

The ozone disinfects and completely sterilizes the treated surfaces, eliminating all the problems due to the appearance of fungi, bacteria and any microorganism present in the winery. In addition the only residue that produces is oxygen, totally harmless.

Thanks to an ozone generator we can disinfect our oak barrels, replacing the chemicals products traditionally used such as sulfur, as a result in a more ecological and harmless process for the winery operators. In addition the use of ozone prevents waste thousands of liters of water, since it is not necessary to rinse the barrels to eliminate the chemicals, since after cleaning it decomposes naturally into oxygen, with total absence of contribution of odors and flavors to the wine, which is not the case with sulphurous or other traditional cleaning systems.

Thanks to the ozonation process of the oak barrels, in Bodegas Veganzones we can extend the life of the barrels and improve their function, since it oxidizes the organic matter that covers the pore of the wood, obtaining a totally open pore, so that they transfer all the properties from the barrel to the wine.

来源: Bodegas Veganzones 2016年 11月 25号

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