Bodegas Veganzones will tell you when and how to aerate a wine that has been a long time in the bottle. In these wines it is necessary to take time between opening and consumption, are wines that when open them produce the sensation  of closed wine, that is, with few flavors that need to be opened and awakening.

When you open a bottle of wine that has remained in the bottle a long time, is when the air begins to be in contact with the wine and return to enjoy the aromas of a wine aging. Often with uncork the bottle early is enough to oxygenate the wine. If this situation is not provided and we do not that, it is recommended to use a wine decanter, which will help us to produce the wine oxygenation process.

Bodegas Veganzones explain the different uses of wine decanter. We must use the decanter properly, depending on the type of wine and purpose you want to achieve, without losing the qualities of wine.

If we pouring wine into the decanter what we will do is to oxygenate the wine quickly. This will be done when the wine has an aromatic intensity low, with young wines we want to awaken the aromas.

If you keep ventilating wine, pouring more slowly than in the pouring, what we will get the unpleasant aromas, like the scent closed, to leather, etc. This is done in wines that have spent a long time aging in bottle, requiring more slowly pour the wine into the decanter to keep other flavorings or wine rust.

If decanted wine, we are seeking to separate unwanted sediment in the wine. It should be done slowly and carefully manner, and is usually done with old wine with a very long stay in bottle and wine with a little clarification and filtration.

Bodegas Veganzones hope you have been helpful information about using wine decanter and use it properly.

来源: Bodegas Veganzones 2016年 09月 02号

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