cool wine quick

To cool the wine fast and not lose its flavor, we can follow some recommendations to low the temperature to consume it at the ideal temperature.

With the arrival of good weather, we want to have a fresh white wine, or during the rest of the year, at any time we have the opportunity to open a bottle of wine that we have stored but is not at the ideal temperature of consumption.

The wine must be cooled so that it does not lose its qualities or change its flavor.

Ideally, we should keep our wine stored at a constant temperature, always avoiding the sudden changes in temperature that eliminate some of the properties of our wine. But even keeping our wine in cellar, not all wines should be taken at the same temperature, so we must know some of the recommendations to cool the wine:

Cool the wine in a bucket with ice. It is the best way for the wine to lower its temperature quickly and not spoil. We need to put the wine in a bucket or any other container that we will fill with cold water and ice cubes, and if we add salt to the water, the cooling process will be accelerated.

Cool the wine with a damp towel. When we have not an ice bucket, but we need to cool our wine, we can put a towel, or a wet cloth wrapping our wine bottle to cool. It is not as effective as ice but it will do.

Cool the wine with frozen grapes. Adding some frozen grapes to our wine glass would be the way to cool the wine that would call the attention of our guests, although we need to have our grapes frozen in advance. The grapes would not alter the flavor or the properties of the wine, giving an original touch to our meeting with friends.

Never cool the wine with ice cubes in the glass, because although it is the fastest method of cooling, when the ice melts it would completely change the flavor of the wine. There are other types of steel cubes or silicone coated in the market that could be used without altering the qualities of the wine.

Although they are effective methods to lower the temperature of the wine, it is best to keep the wine at a suitable temperature whenever possible so as not to alter its qualities.

Source: CorporaciĆ³n Vinoloa 16 May 2018

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