spanish wine exports

According to the data collected by Customs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, and disclosed by the Observatorio del Mercado del Vino (OeMv), confirm Spain as the third largest wine country in the world in terms of international trade by income and leader in volume. Thanks to the growth in volume as well as the higher value of Spanish wine that continues its upward trend although it remains below that of its competitors.

Spain leads sales with 2,300 million liters, ahead of the French 1,486 million liters and 2,038 million Italian liters.

The turnover obtained by Spanish wines increased by 8.9%, to 2,965 million euros, above the growth of sales in value of France (+6.2%) and Italy (+4.9%), although in this case, its sales generated 9,300 and 6,100 million euros, respectively.

In volume, Spanish sales increased by 2.9% to 2,300 million liters, slightly better than the French data (+2.7%) and in contrast to the Italian fall (-4.1%).

Analyzing sales data by volume and value, it turns out that the average price of Spanish wines remains well below its competitors: 1.29 euros, 5.9% higher than a year before, but still far behind the Italian 3 euros (+9.4%) and the French 6.2 euros (+3.4%), since wine in bulk represents more than 50% of the volume and a fifth of the income.

According to the general director of the Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino (OEMV) Rafael del Rey, "Our low price is explained because we sell an important part of our wines in bulk, to countries such as France, Italy, Germany or Portugal. That is changing, but it will take years to correct itself sensibly ".

In his opinion, there is already a "change of mentality among winemakers" when it comes to focusing on an export of "increasingly high value" wine, even in the case of bulk.

Source: OeMv 18 October 2018

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