qualify harvest 2017 ribera duero

The Consejo Regulador de Ribera del Duero, together with the Comité de Calificación de la Cosecha, have determined the quality of the Ribera del Duero wines, qualifying the 2017 harvest as Very Good.

This year, the Comite de Calificación de la Cosecha was made up of eight of the most prestigious sommeliers in Spain from the best restaurants in Spain:

  • Caroline Wästersved (ABaC Restaurant, three Michelin stars)
  • Miguel Martín (DiverXo, three Michelin stars)
  • Ángel Fernández (DiverXo, three Michelin stars)
  • Rubén Pol (Disfrutar, two Michelin stars)
  • Noemí Martínez (Restaurante Trigo, one Michelin star)
  • Álvaro Prieto (El Club Allard, two Michelin stars)
  • Elsa Gutiérrez (Annua, two Michelin stars)
  • Iván del Pozo (Baluarte, one Michelin star)

To obtain the qualification, the sommeliers have made a tasting with 10 wines representative of the Ribera del Duero previously selected by the Technical Department of the Consejo Regulador. The decision has been unanimous, qualifying the 2017 harvest as VERY GOOD.

In spite of the climatic disadvantages suffered during the campaign, such as the frost of the night of April 27 to 28 that affected most of the vineyard of Ribera del Duero, producing for this reason a great productive decline, and the persistent drought suffered throughout the campaign, have resulted in a smaller size of the grape and specific weight for the normal values of the area, resulting in a scarce production with a 41% decrease compared to the previous year, but with perfectly healthy grapes due to the absence of rains.

The wines of the 2017 vintage reflect the potential of the grape, with a preeminent aromatic presence of fruit esters on the nose. It is about wines with a balanced acidity, with high quality tannin, and a good taste balance.

Source: www.riberadelduero.es 13 March 2018

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