horizontal wine testing vs vertical wine testing

In case you've ever heard of a tasting horizontal or vertical tasting in a tasting wine and did not know what they were, from Bodegas Veganzones we want to tell you what they are and what their differences are and when they take place.

It should be noted that these horizontal or vertical tastings can be carried out by wine professionals, since with them it is possible to determine certain characteristics of the wine in terms of quality, control in production and its release to the market, its evolution ..., can also be made by wine enthusiasts to enjoy and compare different wines between wineries or between vintages of the same winery.

Horizontal wine tasting

The horizontal wine tasting is carried out by tasting wines from the same harvest and from the same denomination of origin. In this way we compare the different elaborations of the wines tasted and the quality of the grape used.

These tastings are carried out by the regulatory boards of the denomination of origin to have a quality control over the wineries of the region and their wines produced. It is also carried out by the wineries to control their production by making tastings of each fermentation vat, to obtain the desired wine.

At the amateur level, we can carry out horizontal wine tastings with wines from the same vintage and the same denomination of origin to taste wines from different wineries, or wines from the same vintage but from different denominations of origin.

Vertical wine tasting

In this case the wines that are tasted are the same but of different vintages, that is, wines from the same region or even from the same winery but testing and comparing the different vintages, for example from 2003, 2004 and 2005 .

The objective of these tastings is to check both the quality of conservation and the evolution capacity of the wines. These tastings are usually complemented by chemical and laboratory controls. They tend to be very rigorous, technical tastings and carried out by wineries, regulatory councils or research groups.

At the user level, in a vertical tasting we can see how the organoleptic characteristics of the wine have changed, its color, aroma, taste, check if we have kept it in good condition in our cellar, and if it has really been worth saving those wines during those years seen its evolution.

Source: Bodegas Veganzones 31 August 2018

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