oxigen permeability cork

The commitment to innovation and research also reaches the cork stoppers. A group of Catalan companies producing cork stoppers for wine is carrying out various research projects to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products.

Specifically, the projects on which they are working are the Go Biosorbentes Project, for the elimination of unwanted aromas in cork stoppers by means of biosorbents, and the Go Permeabilidad Project, to know the evolution of the oxygen permeability of the corks according to different production methods, both projects coordinated by the Instituto Catalan del Corcho (ICSuro).

The Go Biosorbent Project proposes the use of adsorbents and biosorbents to retain the unwanted aromas in the production process, so that persistent organic pollutants are eliminated economically and respectfully with the environment.

The aim is to obtain a system for the elimination of aromas in the manufacture of natural cork stoppers and another system for the manufacture of agglomerated cork stoppers that also allows the elimination of unwanted aromas.

The other project, called Go Permeabilidad, aims to take advantage of the characteristics of cork stoppers in terms of their oxygen permeability compared to other alternative caps of other materials, given the importance of oxygen in the evolution of wine before and after bottling. The objective of the project is to obtain a method to measure the oxygen permeability of cork stoppers according to the production processes of the corks.

Source: Vinetur 17 December 2018

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