irrigated vineyard

The evolution of the total area dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyard, in absolute terms, leads to a progressive loss with respect to the total area of crops in Spain. This loss was produced especially during the years 2009 to 2012, due to the economic aid for pull off the vineyard until 2012.

Currently, the area of grape vineyards for processing in Spain fell by -0.2% to reach 953,607 hectares. Of these, the irrigated vineyard area is around 368,100 hectares, which remain stable, but that by reducing the overall area of vineyard, irrigated land stands at 38.6% of the total vineyard area in 2017.

By zones, the greatest development of the irrigated vineyard would be in the Baleares, with 65.3%. Navarra, with 58.4% of the surface, Castilla-La Mancha 48.5% of the total. On the other side, where the dry land area predominates, Galicia would be, with only 2.7% of the Galician vineyard irrigated, followed by the Comunidad de Madrid, with 11.5% and Andalucía, with 13.6%.

If we take into account the evolution since 2008, the communities that have increased their irrigated vineyard until 2017 are, in absolute terms, Castilla-La Mancha in the first place, with 17,982 ha more, followed by Extremadura, with 10,397 ha more irrigated and La Rioja, with 2,612 ha more.

For irrigation systems, in the case of the vineyard the localized irrigation system has been implemented, assuming this system 96.4% of the total area of vineyard under irrigation. This system of localized irrigation is much more efficient and respectful with the environment, unlike other irrigation systems such as gravity irrigation with a huge expenditure of water. Irrigation located is usually by drip, where water is distributed in the soil through drippers. Since 2012, its implementation has not stopped growing, reaching the highest figure in the series in 2017.

Source: Vinetur 02 April 2018

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