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The wines with D.O. Castilla y León reach a market share of 26% in 2017, according to the Nielsen Report, with a 7% growth compared to 2016.

The growth has occurred in all sales channels, being + 5.6% in traditional channels, + 8% in specialist channels and + 13% in exports.

Sales of wines from Castilla y León in 2017 were 21% in the foreign market, 26% in the specialist channel -Internet, direct sales in wineries, wine bars and gourmet stores- and 53% in the general channel -food and hostelry.

The specialist channel has grown for wines with DO Castilla y León by 8%, with increases in all forms of sales and in particular, internet does it above the national average.

According to the Nielsen Report, the trend of recent years is maintained, with greater growth in value than in volume, which confirms the best price positioning of DO Castilla y León wines. Of the total turnover of the wine market in Spain, 27.3% comes from wines with DO our community.

Regarding denominations of origin, Ribera del Duero and Rueda continue to lead and rank second and third behind Rioja, with 10.9% and 10.3% of sales respectively. Ribera del Duero earns a share in food and hostelry, while Rueda increases its participation in food, losing 0.3 points in the hostelry.

Rueda continues to be the absolute market leader in white wines with 39.5% of sales volume, recovering the market share it lost in 2016. Ribera del Duero retains the second position in red wine with 15%. , 5% market share. As for rosé wines, Cigales and Tierra de León consolidate the third and fourth positions with 8.9% and 5.4% respectively, behind Navarra and La Rioja.

To this good performance of the wines with D.O. in Castilla y León, both in generalist and specialized channels, we must add the good performance of exports, which last year increased by 13% the volume of liters exported and whose economic value increased to 18%. Exports are still lead by Ribera del Duero and Rueda. Between the two they concentrate 80% of the exports of wine with denomination of origin of Castilla y Leon, which supposes a volume superior to 28 million liters.

With regard to the category of wines, it is the red wines that demand the most in exports. In fact, 66% corresponds to red wines, followed by whites with 31.2% and rosés with 2.1%.

The United States, Switzerland and Germany continue to be the main destinations for exports from Castilla y León, although the incorporation of Japan as a destination with high potential and China's growth stands out. In fact, the Nielsen Report concludes that the wineries forecast to export more to China this year.

Source: Nielsen Report 12 June 2018

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