The vintage in Ribera del Duero is usually in the month of October. The vintage process is very important at the result wine obtained.It is best to do it in the optimum state of the grape, but always depending the weather, which can take down your vintage.
This year 2016, in the Ribera del Duero had a very dry summer, with high temperatures both morning and evening. We expected pick grapes of high quality and in greater quantity than last year.
With good maturation of this year, and carried out homogeneously, for the vintage only have to be careful with the weather, and never putting the grapes wet in the winery in case of rain, to avoid unwanted fermentations.
Bodegas Veganzones these days are in full vintage, performing it with good weather conditions, obtaining very healthy grapes, with excellent quality and maturation grade and in good quantity.
We continue to work for the rest of the process of winemaking follow in line with the vintage, for our red wines Ribera de Duero 912 de altitud and Viejo Mundo with the high quality that our customers demand.

Source: Bodegas Veganzones 21 October 2016

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