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According to a study carried out by Iniciativa CORK carried out on 1200 Spanish people, 72% of the respondents are habitual consumers of wine, but 70% drink wine occasionally, and only 3 of every 10 Spanish people assure to drink wine daily.

The study shows the roots of wine in our society, but also indicates that 70% of respondents perceive wine as an occasional drink, since 24% of Spanish only consume wine on weekends, and a 22% only consume wine punctually or in celebrations and 18% reserve it for once or twice a week. Finally, 3 out of 10 Spanish people drink wine daily, while the remaining 6% never opt for this drink. In the case of cavas and champagnes, 66% of Spanish claim to reserve them for special occasions, while 16% consume them on weekends.

In Spain, the national consumption of wine has been progressively decreasing, despite being the first country with the largest vine growing area and the largest exporter in the world by volume. The latest consumption data show a change in the national trend, with a 4% increase in wine consumption in Spain, with 21 liters per person per year, which is good news for the sector, because this increase has not happened since forty years.

From Bodegas Veganzones we bet for the socialization in the consumption of wine in Spain with moderation, so that the consumer enjoys wines of greater quality with the health benefits that the moderate consumption of wine contributes within a Mediterranean diet.

Source: Iniciativa Cork 31 January 2018

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