wine in summer

Because wine and summer do not have to be confronted, because in summer what we look for in a drink is that it refreshes us, but without renouncing what we really like, which is wine.

To drink wine at low temperature we must choose young and light wines, with more acidity so that they can be served colder.

In summer it is time for white wines, sparkling wines and rosé wines, which are served much colder and drunk better along with the fresh and light meals of summer compared to the red wines with aging that "fancy" more with meals.

Ideally if we move on holidays and already change our daily routine, we accompany the local cuisine with young wines and white wines from the area where we are.

And of course you can also take the white wines of Bodegas Veganzones with Denominación de Origen Rueda Viejo Mundo Verdejo or the 912 de altitud Verdejo aged on lees, 100% Verdejo fresh wines.

Source: Bodegas Veganzones 11 July 2018

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