the wine in the world in 2017

According to the report recently presented by OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) on the production and consumption of wine in the world, Italy is the largest producer, Spain the most selling and the US the largest consumer.

The largest producers in the world would be Italy, France, Spain and the United States, which produce half of their wine. On the other hand, the main consumers would be Italy, France, USA, Germany and China.

In 2017, 250 million hectoliters of wine were produced in the world, 8.4% less than the previous year, with Spain being the country with the greatest decrease in production (19.8% less), due to unfavorable weather conditions that affected our production and that of the rest of Europe, and on the contrary, the largest increase in other producing countries such as Argentina (25.5% more).

In terms of export, Spain is the world leader in wine sales, with 22.1 million hectoliters last year, Italy (21.4 million), France (15.4) and, further away, Chile (9.8) and Australia (8).

Spanish wine sells a lot, but at very low prices. Spain sells at 1.25 euros per liter, the French, at about six euros and the Italians, at 2.78 euros. Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States are the main importers in wine volume and spending.

World consumption (243 million hectoliters) remained practically stable, with only one million more than the previous year. The United States is the country that consumes the most wine, with 32.6 million hectoliters. The largest increases among the main consumer countries were detected in Australia (5.4% more), Spain (4%) and China (3.5%). Consumption fell in Argentina (5.3%) and Russia (2.2%).

If instead of the total volume of wine consumed per capita intake is considered, Portugal ranks first in the world. The Portuguese, with their more than 51 liters per person and year double the Spaniards, with 25.

Source: OIV 03 May 2018

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