• 912 de altitud
    Viejo Mundo
    Veganzones Winery
  • Clay Soil
    Sandy Soil
    912 de altitud
    Wines with Denomination of Origin
    Ribera del Duero
    Veganzones Winery
  • Limestone Soil
    912 de altitud
    912 de altitud
    Limestone soil, a unique wine
    Veganzone's vineyard

Bodegas Veganzones produces wines Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero and D.O. Rueda in its winery located in Fompedraza, a village very close to Peñafiel (Valladolid), the birthplace of the Ribera del Duero.
In our winery we produce our Ribera del Duero red wines, which are the result of the vintage and the manual selection of the best grapes from traditional viticulture and the use in the winery of the most innovative technology for the production of our brands Ribera del Duero 912 de altitud and Viejo Mundo. The result is quality wines, recognized in the international market thanks to the awards obtained at the Brussels World Contest, The Decanter and Decanter Asia Awards and the Envero Awards for wines D.O. Ribera del Duero.


more value wine
more value wine

The challenge for Spanish wineries this year, is to achieve a greater value of Spanish wine with a smaller volume of wine available for sale. That should be the objective for the wineries after observing the analysis carried out by the Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino (OEMV), of the situation of the 2017/18 campaign and the prospects for the commercialization of Spanish wines. According to the study, the Spanish wine faces the consequences of the low vintage and the high prices reached by the grape. It must also continue with the improvement in the positioning of Spanish wines in international markets, in order to achieve better sales prices due to the high quality value of Spanish wines.

The OEMV forecast a loss of markets in terms of volume, especially in exports of wines of lower average value. A decline in the margins of the wineries is also forecast, due to the difficulty of transferring the price raises of the harvest, especially in the producers which sales of year wines.

22 January 2018 | Source: La Semana Vitivinícola Read more

From Bodegas Veganzones we believe it is interesting to know what they are and what the differences are between P.D.O. and P.G.I., and the importance of these differentiated European seals of quality food products.

These are foods and drinks that are linked to a specific geographical origin, in which the territory plays a decisive role, providing the products with unique characteristics.

11 January 2018 | Source: Bodegas Veganzones Read more

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