wine without sulphites

In the search for new technologies and products that help preserve food for longer, but without altering the organoleptic characteristics of food, a group of Valencian scientists creates a natural system to conserve wine and so be able to get to moderate or even eliminate the use of sulfites in wine.

It is a system based on the use of plants oil, (such as thyme or cinnamon), with antimicrobial capabilities. The researches try to achieve that essential oils can be used as antimicrobial agents, without altering the smell or taste of the food. The oils will go on materials allowed in food, such as silica and cellulose microparticles and cellulose membranes, so that the antimicrobials cannot pass into the food and, therefore, the smell cannot be perceived by the consumer.

These antimicrobial systems in addition to the conservation of wine could be used as new food additives to stabilize other products microbiologically, in order to replace or reduce the addition of synthetic chemical preservatives.

Source: Vinetur 27 December 2018