organic wine

The European Commission has published a report indicating the prospects of the agricultural sector until 2030 in Europe, where it is indicated that agriculture will continue to play an important role in the economy during this period.

As far as wine is concerned, the production, as is logical, will depend on the climatic conditions, controlling 80% of the production between Italy, France and Spain, with stabilization in the production figures.

Wine production will be concentrated in larger wineries, especially in Italy and Germany, where the number of farmers has been reduced considerably (around -40%) in recent years.

The report predicts that the consumption of wine will be 25.3 liters per European inhabitant, remaining without major changes in the next decade.

On the contrary, wine exports will continue to grow as they have in the last decade, around 2% per year, due to the strong demand for sparkling wines and wines with a geographical indication, unlike bulk wines that will continue to decline.

Organic wine will continue to grow, although this increase in production will have a considerable influence on whether the market continues to assume the difference in the sales price to compensate for the higher costs associated with its production and the lower production per area.

Source: European Commision 15 January 2019