Veganzones Winery
912 de altitud
Viejo Mundo

The winery is situated in the town of Fompedraza, at 8 km from Peñafiel, to the south of river Duero.

It has its origins in 1956, when the grandfather of Veganzones bothers, founders of the winery, started to make wine with the grapes of his young vine. From then, the familiar tradition has continued although it was not until 2005 when they started to label the first “912 de altitud”.

This is a family winery that seeks to produce wines of quality, respecting the terroir and combining a traditional wine-growing, where the grape harvest and the techniques of grape selection are manual processes. It counts on the last technological advances in machinery.

The winery produces wine from more than 50 hectares of vineyard situated in the towns of Fompedraza, Mélida or Pesquera de Duero. The main variety of grape is tempranillo though it also cultivates a small part of merlot.

The vineyards located in the limestone soil of Fompedraza are situated at an altitude of 912 metres above sea level, and is one of the zones of the Ribera with different climatological characteristics from the vineyard of the valley. From here, is where the wines more emblematic of the winery come from: “912 de altitud”.

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